Frequently Asked Questions:

What Covid precautions will be in place this year?
Based on the current Covid situation (as of March 2022) below are the procedures for this feis. The feis reserves the right to change these, should the Covid situation change. 

MASKS: No mandatory masks. If you choose to wear a mask and want to remove it while dancing, please bring a gift back to store it in sidestage.

TEMP CHECKS: No temperature checks will be required by the feis.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: Practice where possible. Seating will not be in family blocks, but normal rows. 

ATTENDEES: Attendees are asked to limit the number of guests they bring into the ballroom. There will be no checks on the door but please be responsible. We have all enjoyed the extra space and seating available at feis’ of late.

STAGE: Dancers will share the stage as normal. No split stages. No dancers performing one at a time, other than competitions where they normally perform in that manner.  

ROOM LAYOUT: This feis features one open ballroom containing all stages. You will be able to move from stage to stage within the ballroom this year. 

FIGURES: Figures will be offered. 

USED DRESSES: Dress racks will be provided this year where dresses-for-sale may be displayed. The dress station will not be manned and there is no security in the room overnight. Dresses are left at your own risk. 

HOTEL: The hotel may enforce their own Covid regulations, in addition to the above. 

Why are there merged or double age groups? If you come from outside Florida or the South, you may not be used to combined age groups. Our feis entry numbers are lower than other feis' so we have to combine age groups to make sure there are at least 5 dancers, to make the win “count.”

Does your feis offer “Second Chance” competitions? No, we offer two full feis' so we no longer need to offer second chance dances. 

Do I have to dance both feis'? No, you can compete in either or both feis'.

Do the Saturday winners withdraw from Sunday’s competitions? No, by IDTANA rules, they have the right to continue competing in that level.

If I win on Saturday, can I move up on Sunday? Yes, you can make changes to your entries for $10 per dancer. Just go to tabulation.

Is Sunday a "black out" day? No, Sunday is alter ego day so dancers can dress in their favorite dress up costume - any color! Or they can choose to wear their dance costumes.

Do I get a new number for Sunday? Yes.  

Can I enter the feis on the day? Yes, for a fee of $20 per dancer. Go to Tabulation (at the Awards Island in the ballroom - Look for Palm trees)

I made a mistake on entries, can I change on the day? Yes, for a fee of $10 per dancer.

Why can I not enter online anymore? There is a window of time from the Tuesday before the feis when you can no longer enter online. We shut entries down in order to print the paperwork. You can still enter at the feis on the day for a late fee of $20.

Can I enter or change my entry on Friday night? Yes, tabulation is open from 6pm - 9pm.

Where do the Grade exams happen? The exams will run in a private room upstairs from the ballrooms. It will be clearly sign posted on the day. Only candidates, the examiner and feis staff can be in the room during the exams. 

I see "Orlando Feis Grade Exams," are there also Alter Ego Grade Exams? There are exams on both days, but all of the exams are listed as the Orlando Feis Grade exams, for entry purposes and will be sign posted as the same. 

How can I pay for on-the-day changes? We accept cash, venmo & paypal.

Can I get a refund? Unfortunately no, due to the expense of the event (awards, judges) which are all based on advance entry numbers, and to ensure the financial viability of the event.